Conference Information

The conference took place Friday, November 4 – Sunday, November 6, 2016. Scroll down to watch the keynote video, by Dr. Susan Sherwin.

Conference program as of October 30, 2016 (PDF): cswip-2016-program-final-oct-30

Largr print version of program as of November 3, 2016 (PDF): cswip-2016-program-large-print-nov-3

Please review the conference guidelines for accessibility. There are guidelines for presenters and moderators, as well as some general principles for the conference as a whole.

Conference guidelines (PDF): Accessibility Guidelines for CSWIP 2016

Conference guidelines, large print format (PDF):Accessibility Guidelines for CSWIP 2016 – LARGE

Conference Poster: PDF copy: cswip-2016-poster – 63 MB

Conference Keynote, Saturday November 2016, by Dr. Susan Sherwin: